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Jeremy: The love of My Life thumbnail

Jeremy: The love of My Life

Jeremy is my rock!! I have a lot to say about him but let me start off on a low note. Last year before I got Jeremy, I had Sam who was a bit goofy and would go nuts especially when I had visitors in the house. When she died of Mange (demodicosis) that’s when […] Read More

Macho Man Cat –

Macho Man

My story features a rotund and feisty cat named Macho. He looks like a tough tiger but is a pussy cat for sure. One day Macho was roaming the wilds of my backyard in search of…who knows what. He usually ended up with a few plant stalks at best. You see he has been trained […] Read More

Libby: Our Guardian Angel thumbnail

Libby: Our Guardian Angel

It was a hot Summer day when the kids and I drove to Minnesota to bring home our black lab, Libby. She was a tiny, wiggling ball of fur and instantly became a member of the family. Libby grew to love our family, often spending time playing on our acreage with my seven children. Her […] Read More

I’m Not Crazy – My Dog Is thumbnail

I’m Not Crazy – My Dog Is

We got our Chihuahua when she was teeny tiny and could fit anywhere. However, as she grew in our eyes she did not seem to notice she was larger. Her favorite spot when she was tiny was our jacket or shirt. She was happy just to lay in there all day long. Being so tiny […] Read More

Why He is Called “Lucky” thumbnail

Why He is Called “Lucky”

It was mid-January, late at night and the temperatures were dropping below freezing for the first time of winter season. After an all-night study session I was finally preparing for some well-deserved rest when I began hearing noises. At first it sounded as if something was attempting to break through my floor vents in the […] Read More

Over the bridge thumbnail

Over the bridge

When I was ten, my mother began dating the man who would become my stepfather. He was a nice guy and owned a yellow Labrador Retriever named Sugaree. When my mom and her then-boyfriend took my sister and me to the park, we brought the dog along, keeping her on a tight leash so she […] Read More

Peabo, my little surprise thumbnail

Peabo, my little surprise

To tell you this story you need to know what came before. Darkness had decended on my heart, as one of my mares gave birth to a still born filly. I had been looking forward to it for over a year, for it to end that way. So I moved on with my life, but […] Read More

Arnold’s Bathroom Cat-astrophe thumbnail

Arnold’s Bathroom Cat-astrophe

My cat Arnold and I have been good buddies for a few years now. One of my favorite qualities of his is that when he is feeling affectionate, he bumps his head against mine just like I am another cat. I started teaching him to leap up and balance on my shoulders to receive a […] Read More

Cat Meets Baby thumbnail

Cat Meets Baby

We got our cat Jojishi just before we decided to have a baby. She was one of two found abandoned on the side of the road, not more than a couple of weeks old. We nursed her back to health and raised her as an indoor cat. She’s been extremely attached to us ever since, […] Read More

Joe Greets an Old Friend thumbnail

Joe Greets an Old Friend

Joe is not just my dog, he is my side-kick, best friend, co-pilot and protector. My husband travels for a living so often times, it’s just Joe and I. He is a medium large mixed breed with a gentle temperament but initially, he can give the false impression of being aggressive. Once he has warmed […] Read More